Mobile Billboard For Sale by Owner

PRICE IS $60,000 or Best Offer

What's Included?

  • 20 Nova Star P8 LED Panels.

  • 2 Gas Generators 9000Vlts each

  • Computer / Graphics Card

  • Trailer (Free) it has California Title

  • Metal Frame built to hold 10 panels on each side

  • Website Included.

  • -Available immediately Payments accepted: Cash, Cashier's check, wire transfer

Busy Street

Mobile Advertising Solution for Business, Politicians, Activists or anything you can Imaging.

Don’t wait for the customer to drive by your ad

when you can drive your ad by the customer!! Reserve your mobile billboard today with Southbay Ad

South Bay Advertising delivers high impact LED billboard trailers with the ability to promote and bring awareness to any market or cause

All Monthly campaigns include a complimentary Landing page and digital marketing 

Why Advertising with LED mobile billboard is perfect for any business....

LED mobile Billboard advertising offers exceptional reach. Advertising your business with a mobile LED billboard in high traffic areas means you are capturing the attention of potential clients on the road and passersby on the streets. Our gigantic 17 x 7ft billboard with top of the line LED graphics is visible to thousands of people in a short amount of time because it is mobile, and can reach into areas in town where other media cannot.


Our Mobile Digital Billboards are eye catching and are guaranteed to be the most unique form of media that people will recall days after seeing.

WHat is included?

Image by Chris Leipelt

Make a statment on the road

What’s the best way to make sure people see you? By standing out and making sure your are worth noticing, and that’s exactly what our billboard trailers do! We’ll make sure people see your custom ad and know what your business is all about!

Free Landing Page and Digital Marketing with Campaign

Thousands of Views daily

93% Santa Clara County Residents drive a personal car

Our Happy Customers

“This is great! So glad South Bay Advertising is running in Downtown San Jose. Talk about a quick way to get your brand out. If you're looking for a wow factor in your marketing, this is your company.”

Jeff M. 


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